Boudoir pre session tips [Clarksville Boudior Photographer]

The other day, I wrote a blog post about how to plan outfits for your boudoir session (see that post here)… now lets talk about how to prepare! This post is all about tips and tricks to look and feel YOUR best during your session. One of the best ways to guarantee that your boudoir experience will be a success, is to be prepared and know what to expect! Keep reading to get the inside scoop!

My best advice to make you feel at ease for your session actually begins way before your session day!

  • Make sure to carefully cut out any tags of lingerie/outfits that are showing to save time from having to do that the day of your shoot.

  • Clothing pre-session should be loose fitting so as to not leave strap marks or lines from socks or waistbands since these take a while to fade. Wear button or zip up tops that won't mess up your hair or makeup when ya take it off. Flips flops are good shoe options pre session! Also, just go bra-less babe!

  • Please drink lots of water the day before your session, since hydrated skin is beautiful skin! Also the day, be sure to eat before so ya aren't starving during the shoot!! Don't forget to have your nails and toes pretty and feminine (painted and not chipped, or no nail polish!).

  • This is the perfect time to pamper yourself and have your makeup done professionally, because babe, you deserve it! I have several recommendations of awesome makeup artists I’ve worked with that are sure to make you look and feel fabulous. Shoot me a message and I’ll get you their info stat! Again, please remember to arrive in comfortable clothes that won’t mess up your hair and makeup when changing!

  • If you decide to do your makeup yourself, be sure to match your makeup to whatever outfit vibes you’re going for. Love the boho look and we’re shooting outside? Then shoot for a very glowy, neutral kind of palette! Want that classic vixen look and have some super sexy lingerie for an indoors shoot? I would recommend either a more dramatic or sultry look such as a smoky eye or a pop of color. Be sure to ALWAYS focus on lashes (helloooooo fake lashes!!) and lips because they are a great focal point for shooting. Make sure you take the time to perfect your look and don’t forget to pack a small cosmetics bag with concealer, lashes glue, lipstick, ect. for touch ups.

Boudior gal sitting on the bed
  • I’m also a huge fan of a natural and light makeup look for any setting! To accomplish this, focus on skin and highlighting your natural beauty. Make sure to cover blemishes, conceal any dark circle, few swipes of mascara, and finishes it off with a lip gloss or nude lipstick.

  • When styling your hair, keep it simple yet sexy, this is boudoir after all! Loose waves are a great option because I will have you play with your hair during many poses. If your shoot is outdoors, keep in mind that your hair might get wet (and ok, maybe frizzy because it IS Tennessee and it gets HOT!)… oh and be sure to bring a towel the day of!

  • I talked about this and how to choose outfits in my earlier post HERE, but props can be super fun too (hats, helmets of a loved one, etc! Get creative! This gal below had this AMAZING blue couch that she brought and it was my fave prop ever!).

Girl in white lace laying on blue couch
  • Tanning: If you plan on tanning, make sure you don’t overdo your time in the bed the days leading up to your session to avoid being red (or too orange!) in your images. If you plan to use any tanning creams or sprays, please refrain from using them on the day of the session to prevent any of it rubbing onto your clothing.

  • Unwanted hair: make sure to pluck/wax/shave the day before to get rid of any unwanted stray hairs. If you are trying a new option such as waxing or using Nair, make sure to try this a week in advance in case you have an adverse reaction to the treatment.

  • This is a big one… TRY ON YOUR OUTFITS BEFOREHAND! I want to make sure you’re happy with how you will look in it, so please feel free to take a selfie and send me picture if you would like! As women, we often see and purchase clothing that we think we will like without knowing what it will actually look like on. Make sure that your outfits are complimenting and enhancing your natural beauty and what you love about yourself; not highlighting those insecurities (we all have them, promise. I can help you choose outfits that do this so that you don’t show up the day of with tiny thongs that show all booty when you hate your booty! There are SO many outfit choices for boudoir, and choosing what you LIKE and what will COMPLIMENT your natural beauty is SO important).. .. and along those lines, please try to communicate with me before and during your session about those insecurities so that I can help you to overcome them through wardrobe and posing! This ensures that you LOVE your images (and you will, trust me!).

Girl in lace robe looking in the mirror

  • Lastly, Relax: Really. Don’t worry. It won’t take you long to feel comfortable and find your place in front of the camera. I’ll have the music going and some alcohol (21+), but if you have some music (or specific alcoholic beverages lol) that makes you feel sexy and relaxed, bring it! Or bring a friend if you think you’ll be more comfortable (boudoir with friends is ALWAYS fun!). This is going to be so fun and you are going to look amazing! 😘