F A Q s

How do I know when to schedule my session for?
No stress! I help you every step of the way with choosing when to schedule your session because the time of your session is so important! For outdoor sessions, “golden hour” lighting is my fave-- this is the light that looks all glowy and magical. This is the hour before sunset, but I totally understand that may not be feasible if you have littles that can’t hang that late and may be a bit grouchy! But, no worries because there’s also beautiful morning light the hour after sunrise, so perhaps a sunrise morning shoot is better, especially as tiny humans seem to do best in the morning hours! For in home lifestyle sessions, I will have you watch your home for when the natural lighting looks good. This could be morning or early afternoon, pending the room(s) of your house you want to shoot in and what direction it faces. I can assist with figuring that time out for you by having you send me photos throughout the day. So really, you don’t need to worry one little bit because I got you!

What does lifestyle photography even really mean?!
You know those beautiful images you see on instagram of the mom laughing and not looking at the camera while holding the hand of an adorable child being well, a child? Well that is what my lifestyle sessions are. I will show you those sweet “in between” and “candid” moments in your session, because they truly tell the story of YOUR family.  I will coach everyone through the best poses so that everything will have a very authentic feel to it. I don't do a whole lot of the "looking at the camera and cheesing" thing (although I always make sure to get a few of those, for grandma and what not!) and instead we’ll focus on capturing the love and connection between your gorgeous family. I'm very patient with little ones and make sure we become good friends so that they trust me and enjoy the whole experience. During your session we play games, snuggle, laugh and actually MAKE memories. This is lifestyle… it is YOUR story preserved for years to come.

How do I know what to wear?
Style is so important, and lucky you-- I’m here to help! My first piece of advice is to be true to yourself and your style. Matchy-matchy is out, and coordinating is IN! This means, choose a color scheme (or palette if you will) and build outfits for everyone off of that! I always send over information on how to plan outfits when you book your session, so be sure to check that out for tips. The only real rules with styling are: stay away from graphic/logo items (as these go out of style over time) and fluorescent colors (as they can cast crazy colors on faces); make sure your clothes FIT WELL and that you feel you look good in! And big bonus, I’m a super hands on photographer and LOVE to help, so I will have you send me pictures so we can figure out your outfits together! I always recommend starting with mom first and building everyone's outfits off of hers. (**if i have the style guide included I can make this something even easier of “hey I got you no worries!)

Can I bring our furry family member?
YES! Of course you can! They’re a part of the family and are always welcome at sessions.

Will you give me ALL the photos from our session?

I will show you all the BEST, edited photos from your session! I’m what you would call “trigger happy” and take SO many images at my sessions, especially with tiny humans, and I promise you do NOT want to see all of them. This is my job to make sure I get you in all the best light, angles, and expressions. I promise, I’m going to give you so many priceless memories in photographic form that you will cherish forever!

What if I want to do an in home session-- do I need to clean and have a Joanna Gaines decorated type of home?
Girl, do not sweat it! These are YOUR photos and your life and home, aka YOUR STORY! I want it to be authentic to who you are! That being said, I know often for these sessions that families freak out that their house must be spotless. But I know you’re a real person with a real life, and I *expect* your house to look like a real house!  Especially if you have a new baby… I know how tired you are in that newborn stage, so please don’t feel like your house must be spotless. I do however highly recommend just some basic decluttering in the areas we will shoot in just so we don’t have to take time away from your session to move items… so really just move/hide anything ya don’t want in the background of your photos from the room(s) we will shoot in).

What is your payment policy?
I require a 50% non-refundable (but it IS transferable if we have to change your date) to lock in current pricing and your time slot! The remainder is due at the time of your session.

What if I have to reschedule? Or the weather doesn’t cooperate?
I get it, life happens! I just ask you contact me at least 48 hours prior to your session if you need to reschedule and that your session takes place within a month from your original sesion in order to not lose your deposit. I watch the weather very carefully for sessions, and will be in contact 48 hours, and 24 hours prior to it in case weather is looking crummy. I will give you options about what we can do to ensure you get those beautiful images you want!

How do I order prints? Do you offer them?
At this time I am not set up with the state to sell any tangible print items, so I only offer digital file downloads with a print release for you to take to your favorite printing press. I will happily offer suggestions if you don’t know where to go to order professional level products!