The Common Questions

Can I really do a boudoir session? I’m a mom, not a size zero, don’t know how to make a sexy face.... (insert your fave reason here).
YES GIRL!!! Say it loud and say it proud, I AM BEAUTIFUL AND I CAN DO THIS! Yes, that warranted all caps, haha! I have heard all the reasons why women think they aren’t good enough to do a boudoir session, and let me just tell ya, it’s all a bunch of bologna. First, all women have insecurities. Even those size zero models you see. Second, it does not matter one bit what your body looks like. Your body is YOURS and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Let me say it again… YOU CAN DO THIS! I will pose you the entire time to where you look like the sexiest, sauciest chick in the world! I don’t care if you have stretch marks. Or if you’re a size 12. I can make you look and feel like a million bucks, I promise!! Don’t believe me? Take it from other women who have been in your shoes.

How do I know what to wear for my boudoir session?
I help you girl! I send over all the resources once you book your session on what to look for when outfit planning. You can get as nakey as you’re comfortable with. I’m totally down with birthday suit or lots of clothing! Boudoir doesn’t have to be all lingerie, and I will help you every step of the way. I also have quite a lot of items available for your use in my wardrobe closet if you can’t figure out what to wear.

Do you include hair and makeup as part of my boudoir session?
I can totally arrange to have professional hair/makeup for you at your session for an extra fee, or can recommend some of the best artists for you to set it up yourself! I know some awesome boss babes who are definitely the bomb dot com at glamming boudoir babes!

Will you share my images online?
I will NEVER, EVER share anything without your express permission! I totally get these are a personal thing that many only want a significant other seeing, so I 100% respect your privacy and will never post to my website or social media platforms unless you tell me it’s a-ok

Where do you shoot these sessions at?
Anywhere!! The sky's the limit! I have a studio space at my home that is set up for boudoir, or I can come to your home and shoot there. Or if you’re feeling really spicy and want to shoot outdoors, then let’s do it! We can shoot wherever you’re up for (within reason of course!).

I’m so nervous. How can you help me conquer this fear?
I get it girl... Truly, I remember the first boudoir session I did where I was shaking so badly while getting my makeup done. Because I’ve sat where you sat, I know what you’re feeling and I work super duper hard to calm your fears! I will show you the back of my camera during the experience so you can see how freaking gorgeous you really are! We will play music, dance, laugh, drink champagne, and I promise by the end of it you won’t want it to end. You can always bring a friend too if you think that would help you relax! I like to think of myself as pretty good company (LOL) so really, just think of the experience as hanging out with a fun new friend instead of getting nakey in front of a camera! I promise, you won’t want it to end and will leave your session feeling like a supermodel!