all about me!


in 2017 i was lost. for five years i had served my country in the army and was struggling to find my true purpose now that i was out. i had a masters degree but no clue what i really wanted to do with my life. i picked up my old, dusty dslr camera (with hardly a clue how to use it) and felt such immediate joy in capturing memories of my kiddo. i was hooked, and it was then that i knew i wanted to bring others the same joy i felt from those photos. after a lot of soul searching and support from family and friends, i took the leap and officially began my business in 2018…and haven’t looked back since!

When I'm not behind the lens, I love eating good food (I'm so spoiled in that my husband is an excellent chef!), drinking good wine (and coffee!), and spending time with family and friends.

I also love to travel, and my husband and I have a competition to see who can visit the most continents (so far we're tied with four each). I'm a huge talker (and incapable of short stories, sorry!), and all of my clients all become close friends.

I love taking photos of ALL.THE.THINGS, so nothing is out of my scope! Let's chat soon, k?


A few fun facts..


I ran a half marathon during each trimester of pregnancy. It’s probably something I’m most proud of!


I was an Army Medical Service Corps Officer for almost five years. I was medically retired in 2017 due to a hand injury leaving me with a permanent “hook” finger. Ask me about it.. I love showing how I’ll forever more be “Captain Hook!” (got to find the humor in life, right!?)


My dog is a goldendoodle. And yes, I know she is black, but they come in all colors! Her name is Pattycakes because she was born on St Patricks day. Which is fun, because, of the connection to my last name "Igo" which is Irish. This makes sense if you look at my husband with his dark hair, fair skin and beautiful blue eyes (and ya'll, I’m such a sucker for those blue eyes. I so wish my munchkin’s would have stayed blue, but he got his beautiful brown eyes from me)! And since I know you'll ask, it's pronounced “eye-go”... like where you go, I go!


I went to University of Florida for undergrad and Florida State for graduate school (yup! I have my masters degree-- in media and communication studies). And, yes, these two schools are rivals, and I AM confused and a person divided lol. But, I believe that since they are in different conferences (SEC and ACC) I can cheer for both! 

I love big and I love hard. I cry easily. I tell terrible jokes (I can never remember the punch lines, oops).
— Julie

Accolades and Features

Julie Igo Photography competed in the 2019 Shoot and Share World Wide Photo Competition (with over half a million entries in 25 different categories and over 1 million voters) and had one finalist image (which placed 313th out of 10,613 photos for the emotion/excitement category), two images in the top 10%, six images in the top 20%, and eight in the top 30%. She has been featured on “Love What Matters”, “Love inc.”, and “photographer supply co.”

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