Toddler Life! [Clarksville Lifestyle Family Photographer]

Being a work at home (most days) mom is no easy feat when there's a tiny toddler in tow. Much of my day is wrapped around him and his needs. I get pretty much an hour, maybe two, each day when he naps to get stuff done, so I am usually in full hustle mode. Today I'm working on editing a family session, scheduling a newborn session, and preparing for an elopement this evening, phew! I plan to write a post about "mom life" in the near future (especially with Mother's Day coming up) but for now I wanted to share just a few photos of my tiny human doing what he does best: being a toddler. 

Our days are filled with lots of "little" things that are actually pretty BIG to him. He's learned how to escape his crib this past weekend AND open up doors. We've solved both of these problems after some trial and error:

First we turned his crib into a toddler bed with a pool noodle under the sheet to stop him from rolling out and in case he did, a soft landing pad was there to catch him in our nugget (side note: the nugget is amazing. It's like this futon thing for kids that can be turned into whatever you want it to be... a slide, a fort, a jumping pad, etc! We have the submarine color and it can be purchased here!). 

toddler in bed

Then, when we realized he wouldn't stay in the bed (after him repeatedly walking to come find us at bed time and by barging into our room at 3:30am, we knew he wasn't ready for this transition yet), we ended up putting the mattress on the floor and removed the box springs and put the rails back up. This seemed to do the trick and he isn't able to climb out (yet)! I know the day is coming but I just am NOT ready!

toddler laying in bed

To wrap this all up, as we approach his second birthday next month (seriously how is this real life?!), my Gma asked what she should send for his gift. We knew he really loves to cook with dad and play in the pretend kitchen at school, so we thought a play kitchen would be perfect! We're so excited for him to have his kitchen for his birthday, seeing as how he loves to help be a chef with Dad... like below, where Dad was making breakfast and teaching Theo about bacon, yum!

Besides loving to play chef, and escaping his crib/room, Theo's just living his best life, learning and growing so much every day. Now, I hear him waking up from nap, so off I go! Happy Thursday friends!