The Tietz Family [Clarksville Family Photography]

On my way home from this sweet family session I was feeling all sorts of happy because you guys, they are just the sweetest! Gabrielle, Steve, and her three little ones were SUCH a blast! I really enjoyed watching Ava and Everly be the sweetest big sisters to Jaxon, and seeing the love between everyone was absolutely adorable. The kiddos danced, played tag and snuggled each other, and the photos just kept coming, even when little man needed a snack to make it through the session or we had some very normal kiddo breakdowns (seriously though, my goal is to show the REALNESS of your beautiful lives, and some tears or tantrums don't bother me one bit!).

[And also, a small side note: mamas, if your babe needs to eat, by all means, feed that baby! Whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding, I can keep snapping if you want to remember this time, or I can give you your privacy. I remember how important feeding that baby is and how much of that stage is centered on how they are eating/sleeping, so if you want to remember that with photos, then I can certainly oblige, much like Gabrielle and Jaxon here!]

Anyways, enough rambling on my part, enjoy this adorably sweet family's session below! 💙