The little things [Clarksville Family Photographer]

I chatted with my Gma today who reminded me I have failed at updating my blog lately, ha ha. No really, she just said she checks here all the time and noticed I hadn’t posted in quite a while, and she’s right. But there’s a reason. Well several if I’m honest! I’m a list person, so I think I’ll do that to explain.

  1. I’m just plain old BUSY. I’ve had a TON of sessions since I last posted, but I also was a single parent till like two weeks ago, as my husband was gone for training. So between shooting, editing, and trying to still be a mom and have a life, I just let my blogging fall to the wayside. I still posted on social media as much as I could, but man, social media STRESSES ME OUT. So I took a bit of a break from everything this past weekend, and it was SO amazing. I planned a weekend away with just my hubs and our friends (left little man and the fluffy pup with Nana) and headed to the mountains of Asheville, NC for a long weekend. It was AMAZING. We ate good food (minus a spider in a salad, but don’t worry its organic and to be expected, Ha ha! Thats a whole long silly story lol!), drank good beer, saw a waterfall and some pretty mountains, and had a wonderful time relaxing together. I included a few photos of me, the hubs, and the views below of the trip. I also took some of our friends, but I may do a whole other post one day about that (with the silly spider salad story too). Until then, enjoy these ones lol!

  2. The sessions I’ve been doing have been quite a few boudoir, and sometimes the gals don’t want me to share those types of photos. So I don’t! Or I’ve done some families but they don’t particularly want their photos shared online, and I always respect my client’s privacy, and thus I haven’t posted. But I definitely have been busy!

  3. My personal life has been a bit chaotic to say the least. I won’t go into the details, but there’s just a LOT going on. Be kind ya’ll, because you never know what battle everyone is facing.

Anyways. All that being said, I’m posting another personal post of photos. Sometimes I get out my camera and record the little details of my everyday life. In this case, it was my little man and pup. I know Pattycakes (my dog) is getting older and won’t be around forever. I want to remember to take pictures of her. She’s always been my best model anyways! So one morning I got out my camera, and focused only on her (while being a bad mom and letting Theo watch the iPad so we would be left alone lol). She’s such a pretty pup isn’t she?

Then another morning I saw Theo had gone into my bed and put all his trucks and cars under the covers and was busy playing with them all. He’s been on a real car kick and carries them EVERYWHERE. Like the bath, his bed, the highchair…he loves them. It’s really sweet and I don’t want to forget these little details. So I focused on taking pictures of things like his hands playing with the cars, or his little toes as he laid on the bed with how he crosses or stacks his legs. These days are SO long, but MAN the years are short. I look at him and see a little boy and not a baby anymore. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful all at once. I noticed I’ve been pretty bad about looking for the “little things” with my photos to preserve the moments, so now every session I want to try and capture those small details for the years to come. Anyways… enjoy some of my faves below!