Playing in the Rain with the Kroll Family [Clarksville Family Photographer]

You guys, the weather here in Clarksville, TN has been WHACK. It will show storms in the forecast for days on end, and then randomly change every.single.hour! It really is making scheduling my sessions SO difficult because usually we don't want to shoot in the rain (I really don't want my expensive gear getting wet for a prolonged period of time and most of my clients appreciate not looking like a drowned rat, LOL). So when Cassie contacted me to do take her family's photos before her husband deploys, I was determined to make the shoot happen: rain or shine.

We eagerly watched the forecast. The day was beautiful and sunny and we hoped we would be in the clear for our evening golden hour shoot.. but about two hours before, some dark storm clouds moved it. It was showing just a 10-20% chance of rain at our scheduled time though, so we thought we would be OK. Well guess what it was doing when I showed up? You got it-- raining! It was just a light drizzle though, and we hoped it would pass quickly, so we decided to go ahead as planned. Luckily, we could get the majority of our shoot done under some tree cover and in the drizzle, and it turned out to be SO much fun playing and shooting in the rain! To the Kroll girls, I hope the time passes quickly while you're hero is away, and to Dan, I pray for a safe journey and thank you for your service. Now enjoy this sweet family's rainy day session! ☔️ 💙