My Baby Turns TWO! [Clarksville Family Photographer]

In the wee early morning hours of June 8th, 2016, I walked into the hospital with the WORST headache ever and was told that because my BP kept going up, I would be induced and having a baby. Cue some panic and making my husband go home to get everything we needed (including food for me, cuz for some reason I was focused on not being able to eat once labor actually begun, haha!), and about 12 hours later, this tiny little 6lb 13oz bubs was born (viz emergency c-section, cuz obviously he was stubborn even then!).

Theo is such a ham. I love watching him learn and change so much each day. He's got like 12 something teeth (those suckers are SHARP so I don't get anywhere close to trying to peek in these days!), and is probably like 26lbs and who knows how tall (his 2 year old checkup is next week). He's really good at getting his point across, would much rather be carried somewhere then walk (LOL), and is adorably sweet when he calls for Patty (I swear, Patty is the only word he says SUPER clearly, go figure!). He definitely has his moments of being a toddler terrorist, but otherwise he's super sweet and snuggly still (and he's totally a mama's boy right now!). And while the days are long, the years are DEFINITELY so short, and I'm excited to watch him as he grows up into a kind, smart, and loving boy.

Enjoy these photos I took of him for his two year old photoshoot... I gotta say though, as a professional photographer, I'm really MUCH better at photographing other's kiddos then my own, mostly cuz he just wanted to run towards me and play or cling to me instead of staying still for two seconds. 🙂😂