Life Lately! [Clarksville Family Photographer]

I started this photography journey because of my own family. I picked up my old camera (y’all, I learned how to do this gig on a camera that was over ten years old, and well behind in the specs of DSLRs! side note: if you’re interested in what I shoot with now, head on over HERE to check out my gear bag), and started taking pictures of Theo (and Casey when he allowed it! haha, he actually really hates being in photos, but he will play model for me every now and again). So it’s only fitting that I make sure to practice and take some photos of my own crew every now and then too! As Casey redeployed home, I decided this was the perfect time to snap some photos of Theo and him together, and then had a friend take some of Theo and I (mostly so that I could be in the family photo album too! 😂😂). Enjoy some of my faves from life lately (you’ll notice Theo had a haircut shortly after the ones of him and Casey, as with me he has that nice new fresh ‘do). 💙💙

(ps: photos of me and Theo by Izzy Lambert Photography and edited by me! She’s awesome 😘)