"Get in the Picture Momma!" [Clarksville Family Photographer]

Most of the moms I've met (and I fall into this category too) are the family historians. We make sure we document ALL those important little and day to day things. I know when my son was born within the first two months of his life I legit had THOUSANDS of photos of him on my phone because I wanted to freeze that moment in time for forever. And ya know what? 90% of the photos I had of him were either just of him sleeping, or my husband holding him. The 10% where I was ACTUALLY IN the photos were selfies...poor ones at that. However, I'm one of those "rare" photographers who doesn't loathe being IN the photograph so I hired some amazing photogs and made sure that I (as the MOM!) was in the photo. But I know so many moms who don't make this a priority. They forget that they need to be documented in each season of this motherhood gig too! So this is my official reminder to all you moms....get in the photo. And more then just a selfie; get someone to take a picture of you with those little hands holding on to yours, and you tickling those sweet baby toes, and kissing those perfect chubby cheeks. I promise....you will be SO glad you did. 

Now, enjoy this sweet mommy and me mini session.... Kate is an amazing mama to three little boys, an Army wife, and momprenuer. It was an honor to capture just a few photos of her with 2/3 of her little gentleman!