Deployment Strong: An "Almost" Family Photo Session [Clarksville Family Photographer]

Get your tissues ready ya’ll! So when Marissa contacted me wanting to do an “almost” family photo session, I just knew we had to make it special. You see, Marissa’s husband is current deployed and it would be just Marissa, their daughter, and their pups who would be in the photos as dad is overseas being a hero and what not. I loved the idea of somehow trying to incorporate something special for dad once he got the photos overseas, so we decided to do their session at their house and have their sweet little one, Isabella, make something special to mail to daddy overseas and take photos of the whole thing so it could feel like he is still a part of everything! She also has the most precious “daddy bear” (the sweet little camouflage teddy bear) who was involved with her letter writing and a mini dance party! Talk about heart wrenchingly sweet right!? As a momma to a little one with a husband who is about to deploy (yayyyy Army right?), this hit me with ALL the feels. 😍😍 I absolutely loved being able to capture these sweet girls and their adorable pups so that dad can see that they’re holding it together despite missing him like crazy! To the hero in their household— thank you for your service… I know he must be counting down the days till he’s backing loving on his beautiful girls again, much like his beautiful family is too!! 💙💙💙