Breanne bring's the FIRE in Outdoor Boudoir! [Clarksville Boudoir Photographer]

I started typing out several different introductions for this session, but ultimately I've deleted every single one because let's face it, she really is so gorgeous she doesn't even need an introduction. So instead, I'm going to just say this:

1. She's beautiful, that's obvious.

2. She's also ridiculously nice and I've decided we're going to be friends. So sorry not sorry Breanne, we're pals now and I definitely am planning to do future sessions with her, haha!

3. I think I really only want to do outdoor boudoir sessions now because OMG ISN'T THIS WHOLE THING MAGICAL!? The tree! The light! The water! Just everything was PERFECT!!

Girls, if you've been thinking of doing a boudoir, just do it. And especially do it outside! Happy Monday friends!