For my Gma! [Clarksville Lifestyle Photographer]

When I started my photography business, I naturally told my family and friends about it, and hoped they would be super excited for me... but no one was more excited for me than my sweet Grandma! She is seriously the coolest Gma around, and the most technically savy one I know for certain. 

Today I caught up with her a bit on the phone, and told her about how busy I was with my business and being a mom in general, and she told me how she checks in here with my blog once a week. You guys, I can't even explain how much that means to me! I honestly don't even know if anyone besides her really reads these posts, so this one is all for the coolest Gma around!

She's got a birthday coming up next month, and I SO wish I could be there to help celebrate, but I will from afar. I am hoping to go and visit her with the little guy and fluffy pup soon...I know both her grand babies (human and fluffy alike) would love to see her more! Until then Gma, here's some of the latest photos of the family for you...we miss you and love you!