"Sorry not Sorry!" [Clarksville & Ft Campbell Boudoir Photographer]

Yesterday I called my almost 90-year-old grandmother and caught up on all the latest news. She is SO excited to hear about my photography career, and basically thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread (don't all grandma's think this of their grand kids!? LOL). Anyways, I told her she could check out my website if she wanted to see my work (she's not like a regular grandma, she's a cool grandma who "tweets" websites and emails 😂). I did give her fair warning that "grandma, I do a lot of boudoir photography...and you may not like it." Well, lo and behold, she loved my website but was horrified at the boudoir photos. I knew she would be... it's a generational thing. My mother in law was pretty horrified of it too, but ya know what? Sorry not sorry!

I get it....the older generation doesn't understand it. They probably look at these photos and think they are WAY too risqué. But that's not the goal or purpose of this style of photography! In fact, my goal as a boudoir photographer is for women to realize that they ARE beautiful. We are SO hard on ourselves, constantly believing our lies of "I'm not skinny enough; I'm not curvy enough; My boobs are too small; My butt is too big...." ya'll-- when will we STOP!? I want to make you see what the rest of the world sees... a beautiful woman, who of course has flaws, but they don't make her ugly; they empower her and she wears them with confidence! Doing a boudoir shoot will help a woman to see just how gorgeous she truly is. I really believe every woman needs to do one (heck, do multiple at different stages in life!!). You will leave your shoot feeling like a million bucks, I promise.

Anyways, I'll get off my soapbox now and get into HOW GOOD this whole session was. Seriously, Mackenzie is STRAIGHT FIRE!!! Not only is she basically a supermodel, she's a wife and a momma to the sweetest little guy. Believe me when I say, boudoir is for everyone! Now, enjoy how smoking hot she is! 🔥💃🏻😘